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Download the new Option File Patch PESUniverse Option File v3 for efootball PES 2021 [PS4 version]!


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V3 is a big update and includes additions, changes and updates to almost every team in game so far. The J League is also added as well as other euro teams and brand new content to the top 5 leagues. We’re talking next level detail here with everything the most accurate it can be:

➼ Font + Logo/sponsor updates for over 200 kits
➼ Tweaks for every team
➼ 99% of created players now have an accurate player face, accessories + latest boots
➼ J League added (incredibly detailed)
➼ New 4th Kit choices (Human race)
➼ Klashman tactic guides (PDF guides)
➼ New transfers/youths for created leagues
➼ Fully compatible with no duplicate players or messy squads

Also included are complete National Team updates with every single National Team now fixed and updated including proper squads and kits. It’s a monster update. 3rd kits and 4th kit variants (manually add) are also added for most teams and more will come soon. V3.1 will polish off any remaining updates before V4.


Credits to PESUniverse || Support them :



PES 2021 V3 – INSTALL – PS4

V3 comes in two options; you can either fresh install or install and overwrite so whatever you feel more accustomed to, V3 is very simple to install. It is recommended to tick the ‘Overwrite images of the same name’ box for both methods anyway as only new images will be added and the rest will be updated and overwritten.

If you are doing a fresh install, simply follow the V2 tutorial as below and if you are upgrading from V1 or V2 to the new V3, simply follow these steps below.

1. Download V3 & extract, copy and paste onto your USB as normal.
2. Insert your USB and navigate to edit mode in PES 2021
3. Navigate to import/export > Import Team > select all
4. Go to detailed settings and tick the second box ‘overwrite images of the same name’
5. When finished, return to the import screen
6. Now select the files with the following abbreviations in their names – GER_, BRA1_, MLS_, J1_, NTC_, OEU_, relegated & legends and icons.
7. Import these by ticking both boxes on the import screen in detailed settings.

We have also included Klashman’s tactics in PDF form. If you want to add them, simply go to game plan and follow the PDF’s for each team you wish to apply for. The Adidas x Human race kits can also be added manually










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